Preparatory Week of the SBO

The preparatory week is a major event of the SBO. A total of approximately 80 secondary students, selcted due to their results from the first exam , are invited to take part in the preparatory week. There are intensive courses in both basic and advanced biology in German and French. Every particpant is provided with a folder containing well-founded literature. The evenings represent valuable opportunities to make friends with fellow young biologists from all over Switzerland. There is no participation fee.

Who is eligible to participate in the preparatory week?

Approximately 80 students are invited to partake in the preparatory week, according to their result in the first exam. Furthermore, both the students aand the teachers are informed about the results by mail.

Where and when does the preparatory week of the SBO take place?

The preparatory week of the SBO will normally take place in the end of October in Müntschemier BE. The civil shelter "Spitz" in proximity of the soccer field serves as accomodation.
Exact dates concerning SBO can be found here.

Pictures of the Preparatory Week 2015

IMG_4237.jpgUnterrichtUnterrichtSpiel & SpassSpiel & Spass

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