The Swiss Biology Olympiad, SBO, is a competition for high school students with a strong interest in Biology. With the preparatory week and the three exam sessions, we hope to motivate and fascinate the young biologists with the most up-to-date classes, work in the lab and challenge them with questions that require them to deduce the answers by combining the facts they have learned.


The correction of the second round is now done. You can find the ranking under
Ranking 2014. Congratulations to all participants for their performance!

It's a pleasure for us to invite the 20 first for the last round of the Swiss Biology Olympiads 2014 that will take place from April 22nd to April 27th 2014 at the University of Bern.


The Trailer, the school version and the main movie of the documentary film "Biology happens - Neugier. Wissen. Leidenschaft" about the "ibo|suisse" are finally available online! Enjoy!

The DVD of the documentary can be ordered for free at the VSWO.

Swiss Biology Olympiad SBO 2014

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The first step of selection of the SBO is taken by interested students at their grammar school. The first exam serves as a qualification to participate in the preparatory week, an intensive 8-day biology course. It also provides the first opportunity to get to know peers who are equally fond of biology. The second assessment determines the finalists who take part in the SBO Week.
The SBO Week is the last phase of SBO where practical exams are emphasised. The four winners, who represent Switzerland at the IBO, are anounced on the SBO Day.

Phases of SBO

The first exam was will be sent to Swiss grammar schools on August 17. Due date will be September 29, 2013.
If you are a student at a Swiss grammar school who wants to participate in the SBO, ask your biology teacher for further information.
If you are a teacher in biology at a Swiss grammar school who didn't receive information about the first exam, please contact us. We are more than happy to provide with further material.
The schedule of the ongoing Swiss Biology Olympiad 2014 can be found here.

Who can participate in SBO and IBO 2014?

According to international rules, all secondary students, born on the 1st July 1994 or later, are eligible to participate in IBO 2014 and SBO 2014. Furthermore, the students must not complete their matura before 2014.

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